5 Inspiring Digital Marketing campaign during Covid-19 that left us awestruck

The year 2020, was not an easy year to cope up with. Various changes happened in people's lifestyles and outlooks. In this situation, many brands changed their marketing techniques too. The crisis of the global pandemic inspired many brands to come up with some innovative ideas for marketing campaigns. These Campaigns were not only efficient in the context of marketing but also, inspired people to face the pandemic with courage and hope. In this blog, the most innovative and inspiring marketing campaigns of the Covid-19 era will be enlisted to give a better idea of how the bad situations or risks can encourage brands to think and present new concepts to the consumers.

Nike: "Play Inside, play for the world"

Covid-19 pandemic made people physically bound to their homes. The situation was frustrating. The lower rates of physical activities at home were a concerning issue of the pandemic. In this situation Nike came up with an inspiring campaign named " Play inside, play for the world". Through this campaign, Nike encouraged athletes to keep up their competitive life with the help of digital resources and platforms provided by Nike. But not only athletes, but other consumers were also able to boost their physical abilities with Nike. This very innovative initiative inspired many to maintain their health even in their houses.

In this campaign, Nike provided digital workout resources on their app and social channels. Also, live stream workouts were held with efficient trainers to guide people and athletes in their home workout schedules. Not only this coaching was provided for the kids to encourage them to be more attracted towards physical activities. To maintain the competitive lifestyle of the athletes, virtual challenges were produced by Nike. This whole new concept was very influencing and even inspiring. Some of the athletes that took part in this campaign were LeBron James, Ramla Ali, and Sara Hughes. This campaign was significant and worth remembering as it helped the public not only to stay physically active but also helped them to be a part of the community amid the pandemic.

Apple: "Creativity Goes On"

Yes, Covid created boundaries for people around the world. It made the year 2020 hectic, full of anxiety and tension. But as humans, we always try to focus on the bright side. The time of Covid-pandemic was also the prime time for creativity. Creators around the world came up with their beautiful and brand-new concepts in various sectors. The global campaign of Apple ``Creativity Goes On" gave us a little insight on the creative power of people that never ceases even in the time of crisis. This inspiring ad campaign by Apple included a commercial containing small clips of people around the world portraying their creativity in their fields. This was a memorable concept of 2020. What are we without art and creativity? Apple's ad campaign was inspiring and influenced the consumers to be more creative in the gloomy pandemic. The concept of never-ceasing creativity makes this digital campaign another memorable and insightful marketing campaign in the pandemic.

McDonald’s: "Your Home's now a McD"

More or less every industry was affected by the pandemic. In this time McDonald's came up with new innovative ideas to maintain their sales. In 2020, McDonald's produced a campaign that encouraged the customers to stay home and enjoy the deliciousness of McDonald's. In this campaign the motto was to deliver food anywhere the customer lives, the tagline of this campaign was "Your home is now a McDonald's". As the pandemic caused a global lockdown. This campaign was challenging and innovative too and also served to support a cause. Staying home and enjoying tasty food was not an easy concept in the previous year, McDonald's by producing this delivery campaign, provided their customers the luxury of enjoying tasty meals without having to step out. It is very evident to say this connective campaign was very successful because it not only cared about the food preferences of the customers but also helped them to avoid the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Heineken: "Back the Bar"

Another Industry that was affected badly by the Covid-19 was the beverage industry. Happiness and celebration were the exact opposite words for 2020, and they had a very negative effect on the beverage industry. In this situation, Heineken Brazil came up with an encouraging marketing campaign. When addressing some issues, Heineken always comes up with some inspirational ad campaigns. The degrading situations of the local bar businesses were the main concern of this campaign. The "Back the bar" campaign initiated a new idea to help the local bars survive the pandemic crisis. In this ad campaign, Heineken proposed donations that will aid the Bars to be open even in the time of Covid-19. Also, the delivery service for the beverages was presented. These delivery services helped the customers to enjoy the drinks even in homes and also supported the bar businesses to survive. This campaign was thoughtful and also helped the consumers to feel the normal activities at home too. The little joy of supporting and hope for new normal beginnings made this campaign a remarkable one.

Dove: "Courage is Beautiful"

Another Brand that always inspires and encourages new thinking with their marketing campaigns is Dove. In the Covid-19 pandemic, Dove presented a heart-touching campaign which indeed was the need of the hour. In Dove's "Courage is beautiful '' campaign, Dove presented their respect to the frontline healthcare practitioners who deliberately were doing the hard work of saving people despite the potential transmission risks. In this campaign, Dove made an announcement of donations for the healthcare practitioners. This campaign was one of the most inspiring marketing campaigns of Covid-19 as it presented the concept of courage that healthcare practitioners were showing to save humanity. This campaign was engaging too as this campaign encouraged the consumers to be more connected with the brand and practice Covid-19 measures.

Though there were various instances of insightful marketing campaigns in 2020. These 5 campaigns are the most innovative ones which not only aided the marketing process of the brand but also inspired and connected the consumers for better causes in the time of the pandemic.

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