Youtube to Instagram: 10 key attributes of viral videos in Social Media

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Interested in Marketing? Then you must know the power of viral videos. Viral Videos are the holy grail of marketers. Viral videos not only help to present the content to a larger number of consumers but also aid in the process of engaging many new consumers with the brand. But what is the secret formula for creating viral videos? What attributes should a video have to be viral?

Here is the answer, though there is not any set method or process that can help to go any video viral. But the video can contain some interesting aspects or attributes which can help the video to be viral without much effort. Here are some of the simple traits that can make the marketing video go viral, and aid the process of making marketing easy and less complicated.


The first and most important criterion of a viral video is that it must be engaging to the viewer. To make the videos engaging, marketers should create more interesting content, which can grab the attention of the viewer within the 8 seconds of attention span. The video needs to be engaging as it is the key trait that creates the foundation of a video to be viral. To increase video engagement, trending issues can be addressed in the video to connect more people.


Viral marketing video thrives on the various platforms based on their inspiring content. The constant need for inspiration drives people greatly. Creating a video with some inspiring theme or elements can make your video the centre of attraction. The inspiring viral content videos not only help to be connected to more people but also helps the brand to be recognized in a good light which strengthens the brand image. So to generate a potential viral video, the video content needs to have inspirational aspects related to its theme.


To get more clicks on the like and share button, it is important to maintain an emotional aspect of the video. In this process, the potential video reaction or impact of the viewers can be considered. Most importantly the feelings of the viewers while watching the video are important. Videos can connect with the viewers based on various emotional aspects like happiness, anger, or even sadness. Many instances show that videos that connected with the viewers at an emotional level have gone more viral. But any negative emotional engagement can also make the objective of the video go wrong, for this, any negative aspects should be discarded from the video.


And another important element in the making of viral videos is Humour. The most connecting aspect of any video is its humor. The use of universal touches of humor not only makes the video interesting but also makes the video fun. Using funny themes or video content can make the video grow viral without any extra effort as laughter can not be avoided anyhow.

Short but simple:

In this fast-paced world where the attention span of an average person is 8 to 9 seconds, it is important to make the videos short and simple. The lengthy videos often can contain various issues which make the video complex and hard to understand. By creating short and interesting yet simple videos, marketers can grab the attention of the viewer within seconds and it can help to grow the chances of the video going viral.


"Relative - Genetic"by David Blackwell. is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The video also needs to be relatable to most of the viewers to be shared by huge numbers of viewers. The relatability of the video content helps the viewers to understand and concentrate on the video more also helps the viewers to be more confident in sharing the content. To make the video relatable the global trends can be taken into consideration. Also, various recent and viral issues can be the driving force of the videos to make them relatable and up to date.


Another important and unavoidable aspect of viral videos is that they are creative from start to end. The video can be engaging, interesting, and relatable but still, lack of creativity can make the quality of the video poor. The natural flow of creativity in videos automatically enhances the quality of the video and helps it to be viral within the right margin of people.


Also, every viral video has another thing in common, they all present a story. The word 'story' can represent the presentation flow of the video or the theme. The viral video needs to have a proper point that can lead the video to its conclusion. This storytelling quality of any video helps the video to be more compact and objective-oriented. The storytelling process of the videos should be selected according to the theme and brand. This process also helps the video to be emotionally connected to the viewers making it a potential viral video.


Targeted and theme-oriented content:

Like any other successful content creation process, the video-making process also needs to be conducted with a clear concept of the targeted audience and theme. The idea of which is the main audience helps to understand the preference and perceptions of the viewers. By understanding this important concept the video can be made efficiently on viewers' preferences which helps to fulfil all the above criteria effectively. The viewer's preference-based relatable theme selection helps the videos to be centred on a strong foundation and makes it a viral video.

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